Glass Pool Fence Clamps

Glass pool fencing clamps are the perfect addition to any frameless pool fence setup as they allow for added stability and rigidity whilst keeping with the sleek and stylish frameless glass look.  They are a cost-effective way to secure your fence, and can be used for a variety of difference setups.  

Do you have movement on your glass pool fence after installing it on timber decking? 

This can occur when your pool spigots are secured to timber decking that is not “blocked out” or reinforced underneath the spigot fixing.  Naturally, the timber can flex due to the weight of the glass may cause the panels to move.  Our glass pool fence clamps are a perfect solution for this situation as it allows you to secure the glass without having to remove the decking and re-install the spigots.
They also blend in nicely with the existing fence setup so not to take away from the stylish and elegant frameless glass look. 

Does your gate or latching panel “shudder” upon closing when using spring hinges? 

Again, a great solution for this is to use a clamp to secure the latching panel and the hinging pool panel to an adjacent glass panel to add a bit more stability.  This will allow for the energy from the speed of the pool glass gate closing to dissipate through more panels and reduce the “shuddering” affect. 

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