The only thing more satisfying than looking over a brand new Avant-Garde Glass pool fence or balustrade installation, is looking over an installation that you have done yourself!

Sure, we do offer installation services ourselves, but we encourage all our customers to attempt a DIY installation if it is something that interests them.  We even provide you with all the required information for the install so that you aren’t left hanging.

While we are adding more guides as we go, we do know that there are some that are missing.  If that is the case, we are just a phone call away and are always happy to take your call and provide you with any information that you need to help you on your “do it yourself” installation.

Off course, DIY jobs are not for everyone so we do offer an installation service as well.  If you do decide that you would like the team at Avant-Garde to do the installation for you, you can view our installation services for more information.

Below are a range of the guides that we have available to browse so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing any of our products. 

DIY Glass Balustrade Guide

how to install a glass balustrade

If you are looking to install a frameless glass balustrade, our DIY balustrade guide is exactly what you need to take you from start to finish.

DIY Glass Pool Fence Guide

Looking to install a glass pool fence? We’ve got you covered!
Our DIY Pool fence guide will help you navigate the tricky pool fence regulations whilst keeping your fence aesthetically pleasing.

DIY Shower Shelf Guide

Shower shelves are extremely handy to have, and help give your shower an aesthetic feel. Most customers don’t realise that these are actually quite easy to install yourself. If you are thinking of going the DIY route, our shower shelf installation guide is all you need!