Pool Fencing

So you are looking to install or replace your pool fence, and it’s time to decide on the style of fence you would like to install.

You have the choice of the following pool fence styles

Elegant, stylish and modern frameless glass panels

Frameless pool fences are amongst the most modern and elegant solutions to pool fencing.  The combination of the unobtrusive frameless panels, with the elegance of stainless steel pool fence spigots and pool hardware are unmatched by any of the other designs.  These can be installed on concrete, timber decking and even soft soil (when installed on concrete footings).

Sturdy, Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing Systems

Semi-frameless pool fencing is the common choice for apartment and commercial buildings as it is more cost effective than the frameless alternative, whilst still looking very stylish and modern.

This can also be installed on concrete, timber decking or soft soil (if installed on footings). Generally, this is considered to be more challenging to install than the frameless option, however the finished result will make it worth the extra effort

Light weight, cost-effective aluminum pool fencing systems

Aluminium pool fencing panels are a timeless favourite for pool owners all across Australia.  This is a cost-effective option to pool fencing that is suitable for any pool fence configuration.  The panels are light weight and simple to install, and do not sacrifice on style.  If you would like to install a pool fence on a budget, but do not want to budge on the style factor, this is the best option for you!

What to consider before making your decision on a pool fence design

There are several types of pool fences to choose from, and the final style will depend on a few different factors.

These include:

  • Installation surface – Are you installing your pool fence on concrete, timber decking or soft soil?
  • Installation Difficulty – How easy is it to install this type of fencing for DIY jobs?
  • Compliance Issues – Is the fence line in a tricky area, that is riddled with compliance and regulation issues that you will need to get address. Does this style of fencing allow for you to address these issues?
  • Surrounding décor – Does this style of fencing match the décor of your home, or the surrounding area?
  • Budget – Does this style of pool fencing fit into your budget?