Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi-frameless glass pool fence panels are a common, cost effective and stylish glass solution for pool fencing which has the benefits of an unobstructed view (similar to the frameless option) whilst being more cost effective.

How do semi-frameless pool fences work?

Semi frameless panels are installed between upright, aluminium or stainless-steel posts which are fixed down to timber decking or grouted in to concrete slabs. The panels slot in to the side of the posts and are secured with glazing rubber to fix the panels in place.

Benefits of a semi-frameless pool fence installation

Semi-frameless pool fence panels are more cost effective than the frameless option, whilst still keeping the modern and stylish look of an unobstructed view mixed with stainless steel hardware. Whilst it is more cost effective, it is slightly harder to install as there needs to be a higher degree of accuracy than with the frameless option

Next steps to selecting your semi-frameless fence system for your pool

Now that you have decided to purchase a DIY semi-frameless pool fence, you will need to select the panels, aluminium or stainless-steel posts and your semi-frameless gate panel and gate hardware. All of these can be found in the categories below, so have a browse around our shop and feel free to contact us if you need help selecting your panels

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