2205 Glass Pool Fence Spigots

If you have decided to go with the frameless glass pool fence on spigots setup, then you will need to decide on which type of stainless steel glass fence spigots you are going to use.  While there are many different designs on the market, your decision will largely come down to one main factor – what sort of surface you are installing on. 

How to choose what surface to install your pool fence on?

Fixing in to concrete  

Generally, if your pool has enough concrete around it, most people prefer to fix the fence into the concrete by core drilling and grouting the spigots in using our core drill pool spigots.  This allows for the fence to be much sturdier and you are able to fix it in with much more ease. 

Fixing on to timber decking  

If your fence line is running along timber decking, you will need to use deck mount pool spigots, which are secured into the timber with stainless steel bugle screws.
(Note: If you are fixing on to a timber deck, ensure that the timber deck is blocked out underneath the fence line to add stability) 

How many spigots do I need per panel?  

The easiest way to calculate the amount of spigots you require is to simply follow the formula below

(Total Panels in Order – Total Gates in Order) x 2 = Total Spigots Required 

This can be used for panels from 150mm all the way up to 2000mm