Stainless Steel Glass Clamps

Stainless steel glass clamps are the perfect solution to add rigidity and stability to any glass fence. Our clamps are designed for a range of applications and a variety of different fence configurations.

We have clamps that can be used inline, between glass panels on a straight run, around corners and even adjustable clamps which can be adjusted in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

View our extensive range of stainless steel glass clamps below – we are sure we have what you are looking for!

What functions our glass clamps can be used for

These glass clamps are applicable in a variety of situations.  The main functions for each clamp can be found below:

The set range

Glass corner clamps are perfect to add stability to two glass panels that are joined around a corner.  The panels are secured together by tightening the pressure plates on the clamp for a secure hold.

If the two class panels overlap each other around a corner, then your best option is to use an offset corner F-Clamp.  This clamp allows for one panel to sit in front of another so that you only need to leave a gap on one side of the runs.

Trying to join two glass panels together in a straight run? Then our glass to glass inline clamps are the perfect solution.  These clamps sit in between two glass panels and are tightened to add extra strength and stability to the run.  It is available in a slim/short, regular/long and wide/long configuration.

If you are trying to fix your glass panel to a wall or a stainless steel post, these clamps work a treat!  One side is fixed to the post or wall and the other side can be fastened onto the glass using pressure plated mechanisms in the clamps.

The stainless steel D clamps are another version of a clamp that can be fixed onto a post or a wall, and then secured onto the glass panel.  This version is the round D clamp.

As above, this clamp can be used to fix a glass panel to a wall or post.  The link above will take you to the square version of the stainless steel D Clamp.

The Adjustable/Swivel range

Are you trying to fix a glass panel to a wall or post at an angle? Our swivel wall clamps will get the job done! These clamps are fixed to the wall and then can be swiveled to the desired angle before being tightened and locked in place using a pressure plated mechanism.

If the glass is offset on the vertical plane, our verticle swivel glass clamps will be able to give you added stability on the panels.

If the glass is offset on the horizontal plane, our horizontal inline swivel glass clamps will be able to give you added stability between the panels.

Our range of clamps is always growing, so if you need something and you don’t see it on this page, feel free to give us a call as we just might have something that will help you!

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