Offset Corner F-Clamps




Do you have two glass panels that meet in a 90-degree angle that you would like to secure together, but don’t want to sacrifice on the frameless look?


Our stylish, corner 90-degree glass to glass offset clamps are the perfect solution for just this occasion.


The corner offset glass pool clamp works by allowing two overlapping glass panels to be secured to each other in a 90-degree configuration using pressure applied to the clamp by tightening the countersunk m6 screw. When the screw is tightened, the rubber on the inner lining of the clamps is pressed up against the glass to hold it in place securely.


When should you use our offset corner “f” glass clamps to secure your pool fence?


These clamps are ideal if you have any movement in the foundation, such as glass panels installed on timber decking where you can get flex in the timber causing the glass panels to move.


Another common use for our offset glass clamps is to add stability to a latching or hinging panel that that is overlapping (or being overlapped) by another glass panel. This is done to reduce the “shuddering” that can be experienced when a spring hinge gate panel closes too quickly.


Finally, it is also ideal in areas that have a high wind force, or if you have larger panels which have a larger surface area being impacted by the wind.


Why our clamps are a great choice?


All our clamps are made from 316 stainless steel and are secured onto the panel using pressure plates so that there is no need for any modifications to the pool fence for them to be effective.


These clamps are designed to fit 12mm pool fence panels, however they can be modified to fit 10mm panels using extra rubber spacing’s.


These clamps come in both a brushed satin and chrome polished look to ensure that the glass