2205 Glass Balustrade Spigots

So you have decided to purchase frameless glass balustrade panels to install on your balcony.  Now it’s time to select your spigots to secure the glass onto the ground.

While there are several balustrade spigot options available in our store, one thing you must consider before purchasing is what type of surface you are installing on to.

Which balustrade spigot option should you choose?

If your glass balustrade is being fixed to a timber deck, then your best option is to choose from our “balustrade deck spigot” options. These spigots are perfect for balustrade panels that are fixed to the timber deck. We do this by securing the spigots to the deck with stainless steel bugles.

If you are fixing your balustrade onto concrete, then our core drilled balustrade spigots is the solution for you! The spigots are fixed directly into the ground through core drilling and grouting the spigots in. These is the most secure option and is generally easier to do, especially for DIY installations.

All our spigots come in Brushed Satin and Chrome Polished finish, and are made from 2205 Stainless Steel.  View our range of spigots for glass balustrades below!