12mm Glass Balustrade Clamps

Glass balustrade clamps are the perfect solution to any frameless balustrade that requires additional rigidity to secure the glass balustrade panels together and reduce the movement. These clamps fit seamlessly onto any balustrade system to ensure that they do not clash or stand out with the elegant look of your other stainless steel fittings.

Do you have movement in your glass balustrade?

Generally, if your balustrade sitting on a structure that has an adjacent drop of over 1m, you will require toprail to secure the panels. In all other instances where toprail is not used, glass balustrade clamps are a great, cost effective option to secure the panels and add a bit of rigidity and strength to the installation.

This is especially necessary if your balustrades are installed on a timber deck and do not have toprail.

We have a wide variety of clamp options to fit more configurations, so browse our clamps below.

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