Corner Clamps




Glass Corner Clamps

Are you looking to add some stability to your glass pool fence around a corner, we have the perfect solution for you!

Our 90-degree corner, glass to glass clamps are a perfect solution to add some strength to your pool fence or balustrade panels in a 90 degree configuration.

What sort of corner configurations can you use glass clamps on?

The two common situations that our corner clamps are useful for are:

1. Corner configurations with gaps on each end

In this configuration, the glass panels both have a gap on each edge, so the clamps simply slot over and are tightened with an Allen key until the glass is snugly secured in the glass

2. Offset, corner configurations with overlapping panels

In this configuration, the one glass panel overlaps the other, so that the clamps need to be configured in such a way to allow for this. Our Offset corner clamps, or “F-clamps”

What sort of designs do you have available?

Our clamps come in both the slim and wide range and also come in a shorter and longer version. You can view our range of clamps in the listing above.