Frameless Glass Balustrade Balcony Panels

Frameless glass balustrade panels offer an unrestrictied view opening-up any balcony, deck or pergola into elegant space with open neat line.   

Glass balcony balustrades are a must if your balcony is overlooking an open area with a beautiful view.  There really is nothing like walking out into your veranda and being presented with an unobstructed, clear view  of your surroundings.  This is one of the benefits a frameless glass balustrade system can offer you.  

Now there are a few different options of glass balustrades to choose from, so we’ve tried to give you the complete rundown to selecting the correct balustrading system for your home.

The Avant-Garde Glass Balustrade Panel Buying Guide

  1. Does your veranda or balcony have a drop of more than 1m? 

If there is a drop of more than 1m, you will need to include stainless steel handrails, or top rail on your glass. Below, we outline the different handrail or top rail systems to choose from, based on your specific needs.  If you do not have an adjacent drop of over 1m, then your best option is to purchase glass panels to suit toprail and the spigots, and omit the top rail upon checkout.  This is because the handrail panels come with pre-drilled holes on the top side of the glass so that hand rail can be fixed on to the glass.   

  1. What style of glass balcony systems would you prefer?

There are a few different types of systems that you can choose from.  This depends on the décor of your home and really just an overall preference.

Our Frameless Glass Balustrade Panels suit the following systems:

To suit top rail & spigots 

This is one of the most common systems we sell for DIY kits as it is the easiest to install amongst the frameless balustrade systems.  This is an elegant and stylish solution which incorporates the modern look of 2205 stainless steel spigots for Balustrades which are used to hold up the balustrade glass, with the minimalistic 316 stainless steel top rail which sits on the top of the glass.  This is the perfect option if your balcony is less than 1m off the ground level, as you can simply purchase the spigots and glass, and omit the top rail if you prefer to have the completely frameless look above your glass panel.

View our Spigot + Top Rail range here 

To suit floating handrail & Spigots 

Another customer favourite, balustrade glass with floating handrail gives you a balance of elegant, frameless balustrades with the practicality and functionality of stainless handrail systems that sit below the top level of the glass so that you can hold on to it at a comfortable level.  The handrail comes in a range of styles such as  

  • Round 
  • Rectangular 
  • Flatbar 

The panels for this system come with pre-drilled holes located just below the top of the balustrade, which are used to fix the handrails on to the glass.  It is ideal if you have an adjacent drop of greater than 1m from your balcony as this system must be used with railing.  

View our Spigot + Floating Hand Rail balustrade range here 


To suit floating handrail & standoff brackets 

Looking to maximise your floor area? Well the side fixed or standoff balustrade system is the best option for you.  This system allows for you to have the beautiful, open look provided by frameless balcony glass whilst maximising your walking and usable floor area by allowing you to fix the glass on to the side or face of the veranda or balcony.  This system also works with floating handrail, so is a viable option if you have a drop of over 1m, and need to include glass railing to meet balustrade compliance regulations.  This system works by fixing the glass onto the side the surface that you are installing on, using stainless steel standoffs (as opposed to spigots on our other systems), and mounting the floating handrail on to the face of the glass.

View our Pin Fixed + Floating Hand Rail Balustrade Range Here 


Need more help?

If you need more advice, or simply want to talk to someone before making a decision – our team is more than happy to help!   You can fill out the contact form below, or you can contact us directly via our contact page. 


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