Pool Gate Hinges

Swimming pool gates are categorised into two main categories – Self closing gates & soft closing gates (which are also self closing).

Both hinges fully comply to Australian standard and regulations, however they are very different in their mechanism in how they close a frameless glass pool gate.

The two main types of hinges are as follows

Spring loaded self-closing gates

These automatic self-closing glass gate hinges are characterised by have a single momentum shut. They generally close much faster than the soft close gates however they are considerably more cost effective.
These hinges are compatible with the 8mm frameless gate panels and the regular pool gate latch for glass.

Soft closing closing gates

These automatic soft-closing glass gate hinges are characterised by having a two momentum shut, one being an almost complete shut then followed by a break in momentum and a soft or slow shut. This allows for a gentle closing motion which doesn’t cause the gate to “shudder” upon closing – which can happen with the spring loaded hinges.

There are two options to choose from:

  • SofterClos Soft Close Hinges

SofterClos hinges have been designed to work on a spring hinge and hydraulic system to give your gate a slow closing function.  They are compatible with the 8mm pool gate panels and the regular frameless hinge glass panels.

  • Polaris Soft Close Hinges

The Polaris soft closing hinges work with a dampers which allows the gate to reach an almost full close and then activates near the end by gradually slowing the panel down.  These hinges are compatible with the Polaris glass hinge panels and the Polaris glass gate panels.

If you are trying to hinge of a wall or a post? Then the Polaris wall hinges or the Polaris post hinges work perfectly in this situation.  If you do decide to go this route, you will need to purchase it in conjunction with the Polaris wall gate panels.

They all come in different configurations and can be used to hinge off a post or wall or can be used in your standard, inline glass configuration.

Still not sure which hinge to select?

If you would like to speak to someone about how to choose the best hinge system for your needs, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to guide you through the process