Self-Latching Pool Gate Latches

Looking for a latch to suit your frameless glass fence?

Avant-Garde Glass have got you covered!

We stock a range of self-latching swimming pool gate locks, which are required by the Australian pool fence regulations.

Our latches come in a variety of configurations so that you can rest easy knowing that your fence will be able to meet the pool gate latch regulations & compliance requirements without having to compromise on the layout that you had envisioned for your pool.

We stock the D&D Magna latch range, which comes with lockable latch kit as well as a more affordable standard self-latching lock which also meets all of the Australian compliance regulations for pool fencing, but does not come with the lockable gate latch.

The Avant-Garde Glass Pool Gate Latch Buying Guide

We have made this handy guide to help you decide on the self-latching gate lock configuration that you will need for your fence.

The standard inline glass latch

Simple, elegant and easy to install. The inline glass to glass latch is amongst the most common sold on the market.

Where is this suitable?

This is suitable on a straight run, where the gate is in between a hinge panel and another latching panel.

What options do I have?

You may decide between the Magnalatch inline or the Standard inline range

What other hardware do you require to set up a glass pool gate?

If you are setting up a glass pool gate, you will require a pool fence gate panel and hinge panel.  The hardware you choose will depend on what sort of hinging system you prefer to use.

Self close hinge systems (Standard)

The self closing spring hinges can have the closing speed adjusted by tensioning or loosening the springs, causing the gate to close faster or slower.

Self close hinge compatibility

The self close spring hinges suit the standard or magna latch gate latches, as well as the 8mm glass pool gate panels and the standard 12mm pool hinge panels.

Soft close hinge systems (Premium)

If you want to have a soft closing hinging system, you can purchase the SofterClos soft close hinges or the Polaris hinges.

SofterClos Hinge Compatibility

SofterClos hinges work with the regular glass hinge panels and 8mm glass pool gates.

Polaris Hinge Compatibility

Polaris soft close hinges require the 12mm polaris gate panels and the Polaris hinge panels.  They work with the regular gate locks which can be adjusted to suit the 12mm Polaris gate panels.