Frameless Glass Hinge Panels


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It’s time to plan out your gate system for your frameless glass pool fence and you now need to select the hinging panel.

When it comes time to selecting the hinging panel, it comes down to a few main points.

  1. What hinging system are you using?


Standard spring hinge or Softerclos ™ hinge panels

If you are using the standard spring hinge system or the Softerclos ™ system, then the standard pool fence hinge panels are the perfect solution.

Our stock pool fence glass hinge panels come in a range of sizes starting from 1000mm all the way up to 2000mm, in 100mm increments.

Polaris cutout hinge panels

If you are using Polaris ™ hinges, then you will require the hinge panels with the “micky mouse” cutout, as these are the only ones that fit those hinges.
The Polaris glass hinge panels also come in 100mm increments, starting at 1000mm all the way up to 2000mm.

  1. What sort of surface are you installing on?

If you are installing your fence on timber decking without any reinforcement or blocking underneath, we would not recommend using a hinge panel over 1500mm as you tend to get a lot of flex in the timber, the larger the panels. This could interfere with the gate locking mechanism as the timber flexes.

If you are installing on concrete, then it becomes more of a question of what sizes are the adjacent panels to keep the glass looking uniform.

  1. How much space do you have available on the run

If your space is limited, and you would like to maximise the size of your gate (900mm being the largest gate panel we stock), you may have to go with a smaller stock hinge panel, a custom hinge panel or even a stainless steel post with post hinges to make the configuration work.

NOTE: When marking out your hinge panels, keep a 10mm gap between the hinge panel and the gate panel, which is the general spacing required to fit the hinges on to the panel.

You can view our range of hinge panels below, we are sure you will find what you are looking for!

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