Self Closing Spring Hinge for Pool Gate

Self closing spring hinges are amongst the most common hinges chosen from all our customers, who decide to install a frameless pool fence.

The hinges are both stylish and elegant, and allow for a complete self-closing action for your 8mm pool gate (to make sure that you keep in line with NSW pool fence regulations!).

How it works spring loaded glass hinges work

Using a simple rod and hold pin, tension is progressively and equally added to the spring in the pair of hinges. Once the desired tension is reached, the pin used to lock the springs at this tension. This ensures that whenever the gate is opened, it has enough stored energy to fully close the gate back to the “shut” position.

The advantages of using a spring loaded glass pool gate hinge

These hinges are considerably more affordable than soft-closing hinges and the hardware associated with spring loaded hinges are comparatively cheaper.

The hinge housing is made from 316 stainless steel to ensure a stylish finish, whilst both being durable and sturdy.

The disadvantages of spring hinges for glass gates

As a spring system can endure less weight than the soft close hinges, the thickness of the gate panel is restricted to 8mm to ensure a longer working life of the hinges.

Some customers prefer to have more control over the speed at which the gate closes. When a spring-loaded hinge system, you are unable to slow down the momentum of the gate as it closes as it is simply being driven by the tension in the spring. This may cause the gate to close faster than you like.

Whilst you are not able to create a “soft-close” action with these hinges, you are still able to reduce the tension in the spring to effectively slow down the entire closing motion.

Various spring hinge applications for hanging a pool gate

Inline spring hinges

The spring hinge can be used in an inline configuration, whereby it is fixed onto a glass hinge panel and a gate panel.  The perfect hinge for this situation is the inline, glass to glass hinges.

Glass to post/wall hinges

Are you trying to latch your pool gate off of a post or a wall? Our glass to wall pool hinges (also work on glass to post hinge configurations) work perfectly for just this situation.

Stainless steel spring-hinge compatibility

These hinges work perfectly with the regular 1200 high hinge panels and the standard self-latching gate locks.

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