42.4mm Round Top Rail & Fittings

Our 42mm round stainless steel top rail systems are made from 316 stainless steel and come with a range of fixtures and fittings to allow you to fit your 42mm diameter round toprail to a variety of balustrade configurations. Make your glass balustrade secure with this elegant and stylish top rail solution.

How each of these components can be used to form a 42mm round toprail balustrade system

If you are trying to decide which components you need for your top-rail installation, this is will help!

Joining 42mm top-rails inline or around a corner

The 42mm round top rails come in both 5.8m and 2.9m lengths.  When installing, you always want to try and use a full length on the run to avoid any breaks or any need for joiners.

If you do find that you require joiners, then your best option is to try and place the joiners in the middle of the run to keep everything looking symmetrical and clean.

The rails can be joined together in a straight line using the stainless steel 42mm inline joiners.  Alternatively, if you are joining around a 90 degree angle, then your best option is to use the 42mm diameter 90 degree corner joiners.

Does your round top-rail terminate at a wall or a freestanding section?

If your top rail is terminating onto a wall or a post, a great solution to add stability is our 42mm round wall bracket for stainless steel top-rail.  Alternatively, if the railing is terminating on a free-standing area, our 42mm round – flat end caps will give you the finish you are looking for!

How can I fix my round top rail onto a raked staircase panel?

If you are trying to fix your 42mm rail onto a glass or staircase panel that is raked, we can help. If the rake is going upwards, then you require the 42.4mm upward adjustable joiner.  Alternatively if you are trying to join down the rake, then the downward 42.4mm adjustable joiners will do the trick.

Selecting glass panels and brackets to fit your 42mm diameter top-rail onto your glass

If you are using the spigot balustrade system, you will require toprail glass panels and spigots for glass balconies to suit

If you prefer to use standoff balustrade systems, you will require standoff balustrade glass (coming soon) and standoff pins to suit.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us directly and we can run you through the entire process.

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