25 x 21mm Rectangular Top Rail & Fittings

Rectangular slotted top rail systems give your glass balustrade a modern and stylish finish that completely compliments your frameless balustrade. This system works perfectly with 12mm glass panels and come in both 2.9m and 5.8m lengths.

Ideal for customers who have installed a balustrade that has an adjacent drop of over 1m (to comply with regulations) or for customers who are just looking to add extra stability over the run of their balustrade.

Our range of rectangular slotted top rail comes in 316 stainless steel and can be adjusted to suit most balustrade configurations.

How each of these components can be used to form a 25 x 21mm rectangular toprail balustrade system

Looking for a complete rectangular toprail with balustrade kit? The following guide will help you decide which items to consider to get the look you are after.

Joining rectangular slotted toprails in a 90 degree angle or inline

The 21 x 25mm rectangular top rails come in both 58cm (5.8m) and 29cm (2.9m) lengths.

The best practice when installing top rail is to try and use full lengths of rail where possible to reduce the amount of joins required, however if this is not possible you always have the option to use 25x21mm inline joiners in a straight line or adjustable 25x21mm inline joiners if the lines are at a slight angle.  Are you trying to join your rail around a corner? The 21x25mm 90 degree toprail joiner will get the job done in a clean and smooth finish.

Does your rectangular 25mmx21mm toprail terminate at a wall or a freestanding section?

If your top rail is terminating at a free standing area a great solution is to add 21x25mm stainless steel rectangular end caps to give the fence a clean finish.  If however the rail is terminating onto a wall or a post, your best option is to use a rectangular 25x21mm female wall bracket to add more rigidity to the fence.

How can I fix my rectangular 25x21mm top rail onto a raked staircase panel?

If you are trying to fix your rail onto a staircase panel that is raked, then the rectangular raked toprail joiners will give you a very clean finish without the need for welding.

Selecting glass panels and brackets to fit your rectangular slotted toprail onto your glass

Looking to install a spigot and toprail balustrade combo? You will need to purchase the toprail balustrade panels along with the glass balustrade mini post spigots to get the finish you are after.

Alternatively, if you prefer the standoff glass and toprail finish, then the toprail and pin fixed glass (coming soon) and the standoff fixing system will compliment this toprail to get the job done!

Any questions? Feel free to contact us directly and we can run you through the entire process.

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