42.4mm Round Slotted Top Rail




42mm Round Stainless Steel Top Rail

So you have decided to use 316 round stainless steel 42mm slotted toprail to add strength and security to your glass balustrade.

Brilliant choice!

Our 42mm round toprail for balustrade glass is made out of 316 stainless steel to prevent rusting and corrosion.

The railing comes in 5.8m and 2.9m lengths and has a variety of fittings so that you can configure the top rail to your ideal fit.

The 42mm round top-rail can be attached inline, with our 42mm inline joiners and can also be attached around corners using the 42mm 90-degree angled joiners.

42mm diameter female wall brackets are used to secure the railing on to walls or posts and end caps are fitted on to the free-standing sections to give the toprail a clean finish.

You can view our range of 42mm toprail and fittings below in 316 polished stainless steel

Additional information

Dimensions29 × 4.24 × 4.24 cm