50 x 25mm Rectangular Handrail & Fittings

Stainless steel rectangular handrail systems are a stunning stylish solution your glass balustrade. If you are looking for DIY rectangular hand rail kits to suit frameless glass, weve got you covered!

How each of these components can be used to form a 25 x 50mm balustrade system

If you are trying to decide which components you need for your handrail installation, this is will help!

Joining rectangular handrails inline or around a corner

The rectangular rails come in both 5800mm and 2900mm lengths.  When installing, the aim is to try and use a full length on a run to avoid any joins.

If you do find that you require joins on your rails in a straight line, the best practice is to try and place the join in the middle of the run using our rectangular 25 x 50mm inline joiner.  If the join is at a slight angle, you also have the choice of the adjustable 50x25mm rectangular handrail joiner.

Joining around a corner? No worries! Our rectangular corner 50x25mm joiners will work a treat, reducing the need for welding and polishing.

Does your 50 x 25mm rectangular handrail terminate at a wall or a freestanding section?

If your handrail is terminating onto a post or a wall, you are best off using a rectangular wall joiner to add stability and strength to the fence.  If the other side is terminating in a freestanding area, then the 25x50mm end cap will give you a clean and stylish finish.

How can I fix my rectangular handrail onto a raked staircase panel?

If you are trying to fix your rectangular handrail onto a staircase or glass panel that is raked, then we have an easy fix! Our 50mm x 25mm stainless steel raked handrail joiners fit snugly into the handrail and can be adjusted in an “up-down” manner so that you can snugly fit the handrail along the line of the glass.

Selecting glass panels and brackets to fit your 25 x 50mm handrail onto your glass

Looking to fix the handrail on to the glass?

Depending on the balustrade system you are choosing, you will either need to purchase the 50 x 25mm adjustable standoff bracket which fixes on the side of the panel.  If you are using the spigot glass balustrade panel system, you will need to also purchase balustrade spigots with your glass.

If you prefer the pinfixed balustrade glass, then you will also need to purchase the stainless steel balustrade stand off pins to secure the glass onto the wall.

Browse our selection of rectangular handrail and associated fittings below.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us directly and we can run you through the entire process.

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