Adjustable 30mm Round Standoff Pins




If you are looking to install standoff balustrade glass, or even pin fixed glass staircases, then you will need to purchase standoff pins to secure the glass onto the face of the surface.

Our adjustable 30mm body round standoff pins are manufactured from stainless-steel and come in various diameters.

  • 38mm OD x 30mm Adjustable Round Standoff Pins
  • 50mm OD x 30mm Adjustable Round Standoff Pins

We have a range of round adjustable stainless-steel standoff pins with various diameters and sizes so that you are able to obtain the finish that you require.

These round adjustable standoff pins have a screw on standoff assembly, and come in various diameters and suit 12mm glass panels with 20mm predrilled holes.

The pins are secured to the glass with the standoff cap and then tightened using a standoff wrench to suit.