What you didn’t know about Sydney’s most expensive home

Every business person out there should be very careful as far as the change of trends in their respective fields. If they are unable to tell or somewhat predict what is likely to happen in future, that may not be able to survive. In fact just a few will be able to continue in that specific line of production of goods or services.

Reading the trend

This argument still holds water concerning the sale of property: Houses and homes in the city of Sydney Australia to be precise. The real estate business people have really tried to read the trends in the sale of property, and they have also know where prices are going up to entice their clients. Indeed, the sale of property, and homes, in particular, have rerecorded double digit figures! And this has happened in Australia’s biggest city where you will have homes quoted in the Millions of dollars in recent times.

Homes that linger off and on

There are some homes (or mansions to be more precise) that have been lingering off and on the property shelf for several years. It was inevitable that these properties would eventually be found by buyers that forked out clean cheques worth millions of dollars. It is important to note however, that some houses in Sydney are heritage listed and cant be renovated.

Glamorous palatial pad

According to well known real estate brokers and agents, the most expensive sale was that of Julia Ross’ glamorous palatial pad in the year 2014. The massive 15600 square meters non-waterfront structure referred to as Villa del Mare fetched 39 million dollars despite its so-called “non-waterside view”.

Sale record

This six bedroom mansion that made an all time property sale record in the year 2014 still holds the national record for the sale of any property that is off the waterfront

New price tag

The proprietor, Julia Ross spent 21.5 million dollars on this mansion 20 years ago. It is located on the Wolseley Road. She constantly tried to sell it since the year 2011 with a price tag of 40 million dollars. Well who would think its price tag would fetch such a large sum? I am sure most of us would be happy with a fraction of that and could live our lives happily ever after.

The best time

When the famous Bill Malouf from LJ Hooker Double Bay actually relisted this extraordinary house one year ago, he said something that takes us to the first point in the first paragraph of this article. It is about reading the trends and predicting the future of a certain field of business. Well, Bill said that this property would fetch good money if it was to be sold in the year 2014. Of course he was right, which is why Julias house was able to fetch such a large sum when it was sold in 2014.

The trimmings

Although the Sydney market has run away from itself in terms of price, you can still spot the houses that are going to be on the more expensive side based on the finishings they have.  Things like using modern finishings in the kitchen such as stainless steel and granite, elegant bathroom finishes such as frameless shower screens.  Do they have a view from their balcony? If so, they should be using glass balustrades to get the maximum bang.  These are some of the things that can significantly impact Sydney’s prices.