Here are some modern and affordable deck balustrade options

The deck is a beautiful and meaningful part of any property, and system you choose to balustrade the area can make a significant difference in the overall aesthetics – so it is important to consider all options. This is why the balustrade becomes a vital investment! This article will break down the main types of deck balustrades, their advantages, and which one remains the number one option according to industry experts in terms of aesthetics, cost and other important factors.

Deck mounted balustrade glass with frameless panels and optional toprail


  1) Modern and Sophisticated 2) Beautiful Design 3) Creates Space 4) Eco-Friendly 5) Let’s Light In 6) Easy to Install 7) Versatile Design   Let’s start with the frameless glass balustrades because (in our humble opinion) they’re the best option available at this point in time. These modern, high-quality balustrades are immaculate to look at and will add value to a deck in seconds.

Why install a glass balustrade on a timber deck?

It begins with the modernised appearance as it offers an elegant touch no other option can. Along with the modern elegance, property owners will also notice the illusion of space with glass. It makes the deck feel larger, wider, and less constrained! This is important for property owners wanting to make their deck appear as big as possible. In addition to its ability to offer space, the glass balustrade does an exceptional job of staying eco-friendly as a material. This is essential for property owners wanting a safe and eco-friendly solution for their setup. A glass balustrade is one of those unique solutions that is loved by everyone and adds the sense of luxury nothing else can. It’ll bring the deck to life!

Semi-Frameless Balustrades with deck mounted stainless steel or aluminium posts


1) Versatile
2) Strong and Durable
3) Easy to Customise

The semi-frameless balustrade is built on the shoulders of glass while still retaining a frame. This is important for those looking to take advantage of a glass-based solution while still having a structured setup.

It comes down to personal taste but this is well-regarded as being versatile and easy to customise. If that’s something dear to you then semi-frameless balustrades work well.

The materials are strong and will not break down over time especially when the weather becomes inclement. With the help of the “semi-frameless” appearance, the durability is never in question and is one of its biggest plus points.

Aluminium balustrade with timber fixed posts


1) Low-Maintenance
2) Easy to Install
3) Affordable

This is one of those choices that continues to be one the minds of property owners. While glass balustrades are still the number one option, this offers a unique elegance that’s hard to find in most other options on the market.

These are easy to install as soon as they’re customised for your deck and will remain low-maintenance for a long time. Most property owners don’t like the idea of regularly taking care of their balustrades and that’s why a solution such as this does appeal to them. Its low-maintenance qualities do make for a good fit and will work for those looking to find a solution that’s easy to slip into the current setup without much of a fuss.

Along with being easy to install and low-maintenance, aluminium balustrades are well-known for remaining affordable.

The glass balustrades still stand out as a world-class solution and are the recommended choice but aluminium is still regarded as a good secondary alternative.

Wire Balustrades for Decking 


1) Functional 2) Durable 3) Variations Wire balustrades are not as well-known as the other options and continually slip into the background when a decision is made. However, these are unique because there are various patterns you can work with as a property owner. For example, some prefer to go with vertical wires, while others prefer the horizontal look. There’s a lot to work with and that’s intriguing for those wanting a fully personalised option. Wire balustrades are also able to offer a fascinating sense of durability that’s hard to find in other solutions. Since the wire is made of stainless steel, it’s not as easy to break down with something as lightweight as wind or inclement weather. It is going to pack a punch and it will be able to stave off those elements without much of a problem. This is important for those investing in a long-term asset. Along with the durability, wire balustrades are loved for their general functionality. The purpose of the balustrades is to offer a sense of coverage, protection, and aesthetic finishing, which is what wire balustrades bring to the table.

Key Considerations


One of the key considerations for each balustrade option, is that the balustrade is “blocked out” underneath the fence line. This is especially true for the heavier options such as the frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrades. If you are installing on hardwood decking, you will get a sturdier fence, however it is always a good idea to use 12mm/10mm balustrade clamps to prevent flex and deck mount balustrade spigots when doing these installs to ensure that the right tools are used for the right jobs.


Final Thoughts


In the end, when it comes to the top balustrade ideas for your deck, the number one option remains glass-based. You want to use a solution that’s efficient, budget-friendly and has the ability to look beautiful year-round. This is where frameless glass balustrades stand miles above anything else on offer. While each balustrade system brings something unique to the table and remains an interesting fit, the glass-based option will always remain number one in terms of maximising your space, value and overall appearance of your deck.

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