Avant-Garde Glass discuss compliant glass balustrade requirements in Sydney

Sydney based Avant-Garde Glass have recently issued a public advisory on the importance of quality frameless glass balustrade installations.

“Having a new balustrade at home is an exciting time for the entire family. However, according to the Australian Glass and Glazing Association, there are a very specific set of regulations that need to be met for Glass Balustrades to be compliant in the Australian climate” says Sam Palliya of Avant-Garde Glass

This is the reason the Building Code of Australia (BCA) have such strict regulations over balustrade safety laws and standards.  The code requires glass balustrades to be over 1m high if there is an adjacent fall of over 1m and that all glass balustrades at this height are required to have a form of railing. More specific details and information can be found on the your state specific  BCA website.

Avant-Garde Glass’s website explains that they are offering frameless glass balustrade installations that are compliant to all regulations governed in NSW, to suite all layouts.  “We are a team of experts, who install quality and highly rated fences in Sydney and New South Wales. Our in house engineers sign off on all our projects, so you can rest assured that we will deliver a tailored and compliant install every time”, Palliya added.

As mentioned on the company’s website, they also provide DIY guides to ensure customers fully understand how to install the materials themselves in a compliant manner, if they are considering DIY projects. Their materials are made from quality toughened glass, that will keep your install looking aesthetically pleasing and safe and compliant to New South Wales’ fencing regulations.

“Our team ensures that we supply the best materials to meet our clients design requirements, whilst ensuring we meet the strict requirements set by the Australian building code. In addition, we only contract installers that can meet a similarly high expectations so that all our installs are to the highest standards” he added.

According to Palliya, finding a reliable contractor that provide a reliable and compliant service is highly important.  A sturdy balustrade fence is a must for all homeowners, and using quality materials will reduce the risk of injury that can occur from improper installation or poor quality materials.

Opting for a glass balcony fence is a great option for multiple reasons. It not only allows for a more aesthetic balcony, but it also makes the area look even larger by opening up the area.  It can also be adapted to fit any landscape, and is not as prone to wear and tear and can withstand extreme weather changes experienced by a glass balustrade in Sydney.

In conclusion, Palliya says to look for a fencing contractor who will provide quality materials, a quick installation process, and good after-sales support. “We not only provide you with a comprehensive and tailored layout for your project, we can even walk you through installing the fence yourself if you would prefer a DIY install. Our friendly customer service representatives are always ready to help, and our installers and technicians are just a call away. By choosing our services, you will get to enjoy a quick and thorough fencing installation, with guaranteed compliance to all the local laws and regulations” he added.

Those who are looking for a reliable frameless glass company can visit the Avant-Garde Glass’ website. Further, if you would like to find out more about the company, you can see other releases they have provided in the Avant-Garde Glass Sydney news section. Furthermore, interested parties may also connect with them through their official social media accounts to request an easy, fast, and accurate quotation.