If you own a pool in Australia – you know that there is a lot to contend with when it comes to meeting regulations, while keeping your pool fence compliant.

On this particular job – our customer needed to have a side fixed glass stair case balustrade installed next to their pool fence (which happened to partially sit on top of a retaining wall!)

There were several compliance issues to look out for when building the pool and balustrade barrier which I will outline below



Compliance Issue 1
The stair case had lips which led up to the pool fence, meaning you were able to step on each lip that lead up to the pool barrier.

The solution
We custom made the glass to cover each lip, and side fixed the panels onto the concrete which meant that there were no foot holds leading up to the pool barrier

Compliance Issue 2
Part of the balustrade fence acted as the pool barrier.

The solution
This meant that we needed to now make the balustrade 1200mm high, instead of the regular 1000mm high (for balustrade regulations)

Compliance Issue 3
The retaining wall acted as part of the pool fence barrier

The Solution
We had to make the panel next to the retaining wall >1200mm above the height of the retaining wall.

You can do this using our stock retaining wall panels, or if is custom we can have it made for you!

This allowed for us to completely pass all pool fence regulations whilst keeping the pool fence looking elegant and aesthetic

If you need assistance constructing a glass pool balustrade that complies, give us a call today or fill out the contact form below. We would love to help!


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