How to keep your glass balustrade or pool fence clean

So you have just installed a glass pool fence, and you want to know how to keep it looking brand new.  Our handy guide below will help you do just that!

Important tips on how to keep your pool clean

Any person who owns pool dreams of having the cleanest water with no dirt floating on it. When you see such a swimming area, it looks very enticing. If you follow this guide, you can make that dream a reality and have crystal clear swimming water. You don’t have to dream anymore! Many products exist today that have the ability to make your dreams a reality. A list of cleaning products that can help you make your water crystal clear include swimming pool fences, covers, cleaning pumps, nets and chemicals among others. But when you ask most experts to give a list of cleaning supplies in order of effectiveness, the product that will come up more often than not is the filter.

A fundamental procedure


Most swimming professionals follow a fundamental procedure to make sure that your water is healthy. The first thing they do is to carry out a chemical analysis to find out what they are supposed to do while cleaning. These professionals know that it is very crucial to balance the water PH to make sure that it’s safe for the swimmers.

Add chemicals to it to balance out the PH

If the water is murky, most cleaning professionals will add chemicals to it to balance it. If you would like your pool to be cleaned, it is advisable to get in touch with the nearest cleaner with great reviews and ask them to come to your place and do the cleaning.


You can also clean it in between services by simply skimming levels and remove any other floating debris or other material from the surface of your water. This will prevent the formation of mildew and mold everywhere. A professional cleaner will carefully skim your pool to get rid of any branches and leaves without abrasion. They are likely to check all the equipment too, so as to determine how safe they are. They also recommend some stores where you could purchase new equipment just in case you are in need.


You should make sure that your swimming pool has been inspected and cleaned regularly to stop or prevent the occurrence of serious problems. Ensure that you pump basket is emptied away from the area since the same dirt or debris may fight their way back into the water. If this happens, you will be spending more time cleaning the filter than you actually need to.

Empty the pump baskets before they are full

Most cleaning professionals always advise that people should empty their pump baskets before they are full so as to prevent them from breaking. If well kept, a pump can keep working for a very long time and reduce your workload significantly. It is a service keeps it very clean for a longer time.