Castle Hill Glass Pool Fence Installation by Avant-Garde Glass


Our team recently installed a glass pool fence in Castle Hill.  The job went off without a hitch and the customer was delighted with the finished product.

The pool fence went all the way around the edge of the pool coping, allowing us to maximise the usability of the internal pool area for the customer, whilst ensuring an aesthetic and compliant finish.

The job however wasn’t without its challenges

In this write up, we will discuss a few things that we encountered during this installation and how we overcame it whilst keeping with the strict pool fence regulations in NSW.

We ran into a few compliance issues when quoting for this job, here is how we addressed them

Whilst the regulations for pool fencing are uniform according to Australian Standards, the various councils in NSW can be more or less lenient on some of the various issues.

If you would like to contact the Castle Hill Council to get any clarification on your pool fence install.



Compliance Issue 1
Although not shown in this picture, one edge of the pool fence had to step down off the pool coping onto soft soil.  Because of this, we had to create concrete footings which allowed for us to install the 2205 duplex pool spigots in the soft soil, ensuring the fence remained sturdy

The solution
We had two options here, use an extended pool fence spigot to keep the glass at the same height as the existing panels, or to use a retaining wall panel and transition the glass height to a lower height to compensate for the drop off the coping.
In the end, we decided to use the transition, retaining wall panel as it allows for a much neater and sturdier finish.  If we were to use the extended spigots (in this instance), we would have to have filled up the gap underneath the glass in the soft soil area as this was now greater than 100mm, which does not comply with pool fence regulations.

Compliance Issue 2
There was a stepped diving board inside the pool area, which was <300mm of the proposed fence line.

The solution
The regulations require you to be clear at least 300mm from any steps within the pool area (and 900mm away from any steps outside the pool area).  Because of this, we had to move the fence line slightly further away to compensate for this.  This was a simple fix, but something that must be considered as it is easy to trip up and not factor this in if you are not aware of this regulation.

Aesthetic Issue
Whilst this is not a compliance issue, it is still one of aesthetics.  The customer had a bit of a curve on the pool coping which can be seen in the picture.  To maximise the usable area, the customer wanted us to ensure that we could curve the glass to meet the curve of the concrete.

The Solution
The most cost effective way for us to do this (without going for custom  glass) was to use smaller glass panels and “best fit” them along the curve of the concrete. The thing to consider here is that the glass spigots generally sit 100mm in from the edge of the concrete when core drilled, so you will need to make sure you account for that when you are ordering and setting out your panels. Additionally, as you are using smaller panels, this means more spigots which adds to the cost.  This however is still significantly more cost effective than going for the custom, curved glass option.

With all that said, if you are installing a pool fence in Castle Hill 2154, contact our team at Avant-Garde Glass Sydney today or fill out the contact form below. We would love to help!


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