Common types of Glass Pool Fences and Safety Gates |

Common types of Glass Pool Fences and Safety Gates

Having your own swimming pool comes with responsibly as well as the need to comply with rules and regulations that relate to safety. Having a glass pool safety gate or fence is among the local rules that one must comply with.

Protect the young children

For a pool safety gate to be effective, it requires to have a highly placed lock so that kids cannot access the swimming pool as they fumble around it. The safety gate should always be locked when no one is around to watch over them as they swim. Another thing that must be considered is a gate alarm. The gate must have an alarm that will let you know anytime your safety gate is opened. Reliable sources indicate that most cases of drowning that involve kids from one to four years of age are due to lack of protective barriers around their home swimming pools or spas.

Safety regulations

A swimming pool gives you and your family many hours of enjoyment and sweet memories. It is important to remember that it can pose a danger to young kids if you have not complied with safety regulations and rules. Your swimming pool gate isn’t a mere accessory, it is something that you require to prevent your kids from accidental falls or drowning in the swimming pool. The gate also prevents your family pets from the same accidental falls into your pool. The similar type of material can be found on shower screens
Pool safety gates, nowadays, are beyond the olden day’s chain link kind. Such fence types are usually discouraged since they come with toe-holds that children could utilize to climb.

Removed in sections

The pool gates can be safety devices as well as fashion accessories. Some people sometimes put up pool fences that they can remove in sections when they are cleaning the deck or the pool itself. In fact, such fences will make their cleaning g easier, and they will finish within no time. However, just like with any kind of swimming pool device, the fence should only be removed when there are no children in attendance. We all can get distracted at times, and it is easy for the kids to get into the pool while we are not looking.

Self-locking and alarming

Another pool safety gate type is the one that comes with a self-alarming and self-locking system. It immediately closes behind you. It will latch and lock and set an alarm. This means that any time the gate is opened the alarm will sound. It will give you double protection!
Having a glass pool fence safety gate is something that all pool owners should comply with besides the installation of pool alarms.