Swimming Pool Barrier Compliance

What you need to know about Pool Fence Regulations in NSW

If you have tried to sell our lease your house after April, 2016, you may have been one of the many who were surprised to find out that your pool fence is not compliant and that you would need to address this before you are allowed to pass on occupancy.

Although the swimming pools act … Read more

The 2016 swimming pool act compliance and regulation changes in NSW and how it affects you

Whether you are thinking about installing a new pool in your home or if you have an existing one, there are several safety guidelines and precautions that you must abide by to ensure your pool is up to code.

This becomes even more important if you will be selling or renting out your new property … Read more

Why you should choose 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Spigots

304 VS 316L VS 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Spigots and Hardware

304/304L Stainless Steel

The material composition of 304 stainless steel is most suitable in applications where it is not introduced to any harsh or severe treatments. The Chromium-nickel alloy of 304 stainless steel makes it somewhat durable and resistant to corrosion and oxidation, though … Read more